suite on the ground floor

The apartment has a living room and a study/bedroom (42m² in total) with a Bathroom that includes a shower (4.2m²).

The living room has a round bay window giving the room special charm. It is equipped with a kitchenette and dining table with chairs, a couch, a TV and a wall unit. The windows (with shutters) face the south and west and the floor is made of light laminate flooring.

The study/bedroom is located in the middle of the building and is, therefore very quiet. The windows (also with shutters) face south into the back garden. There is a desk, a chair and a wall unit with a Murphy bed. The floor is brightly carpeted.

The bathroom is completely tiled with a shower, toilet and sink.

Erkerzimmer study- and bedroom
Erkerzimmer living room
Erkerzimmer kitchenette